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void stack_init (stack *_s)
 Initialize a stack.
stackstack_create ()
 Create and initialize a stack.
int stack_push (stack *_s, void *_elem)
 Pushes a new element onto the stack.
void * stack_pop (stack *_s)
 Removes the top element from the stack.
size_t stack_size (stack *_s)
 Compute the size of a stack.
int stack_is_empty (stack *_s)
 Checks if the stack is empty.
void stack_delete (stack *_s)
 Deletes a stack, not including its data items.
void stack_reset (stack *_s)
 Reset a stack as if it has just been created.
void stack_destroy (stack *_s)
 Destroys a stack, including its data items.
node_lstack_data (stack *_s)
 Get a pointer to the internal stack data.

Detailed Description

Stacks implementation.

Definition in file stack.c.

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